DISIT lab and research group is active since 1994.

This portal and service is the main entrance for ready to use data sets for the Km4City infrastructure at DISIT lab.

Km4City solutions, tools and models have been mainly developed by Sii-Mobility SCN and have been improved and used by RESOLUTE H2020, REPLICATE H2020, and GHOST MIUR projects.

Those projects are contributing in improving the platform and re-share the contribution to the community as described at page http://www.disit.org/km4city/ .

The datasets uploaded on this portal can be directly uploaded into a Km4City knowledge base. The service provided is capable to help the user to understand which kind of quality problems the data set may have and provide support for correcting it interactively and under assistance.

You can download a template file here and the Datagate user guide here.

The file format which can enable the directly upload has to satisfy the following rules:

  • The structure of the file has to be tabular

  • The format has to be CSV, XLS or XLSX

  • Each row must have:

    • nameITA: mandatory (ex.: "UNIVERSITÁ")
    • province: mandatory (ex.: "FI")
    • city: mandatory (ex.: "FIRENZE")
    • latitude: mandatory (be sure that this is a text field and there is not any comma) (ex.: "43.71552303")
    • longitude: mandatory (be sure that this is a text field and there is not any comma) (ex.: "10.40238523")
    • otherCategoryITA: optional (ex.: "SEDE CENTRALE UNIVERSITARIA")
    • otherCategoryENG: optional (ex.: "UNIVERSITY HEAD OFFICE")
    • nameENG: optional (ex.: "UNIVERSITY")
    • abbreviationITA: optional (ex.: "UNI")
    • abbreviationENG: optional (ex.: "UNI")
    • descriptionShortITA: optional (ex.: "SEDE CENTRALE UNIVERSITARIA")
    • descriptionShortENG: optional (ex.: "UNIVERSITY HEAD OFFICE")
    • descriptionLongENG: optional (ex.: "UNIVERSITY HEAD OFFICE OF FLORENCE")
    • phone: optional (ex.: "055 275 8951")
    • fax: optional (ex.: "055 2756741")
    • url: optional (ex.: "http://www.unifi.it/")
    • email: optional (ex.: "informa.studenti@unifi.it")
    • RefPerson: optional (ex.: "Mario Rossi")
    • postalcode: optional (ex.: "50100")
    • streetAddress: optional (ex.: "via di Santa Marta")
    • civicNumber: optional (be sure that this is a text field) (ex.: "3")
    • secondPhone: optional (ex.: "055 275 8932")
    • secondFax: optional (ex.: "055 2756743")
    • secondEmail: optional (ex.: "informa.studenti2@unifi.it")
    • secondCivicNumber: optional (be sure that this is a text field) (ex.: "42")
    • secondStreetAddress: optional (ex.: "viale Morgagni")
    • notes: optional (ex.: "si prega di prendere appuntamento per via telefonica")
    • timetable: optional (ex.: "l'ufficio è aperto dalle ore 9 alle ore 17")
    • photo: optional (ex.: "http://mdthemes.unifi.it/azimuth/images/head.png")
    • streetId: empty (ex.: "")
  • Be sure that each column has a name

In case you have to insert a city district, write it in the field "notes" as Frazione: ’nomefrazione’.